After my POP Physique workout this morning, I went to Lassen’s for a juice, (Kale, Ginger, Apple, Carrot) and as I was putting straw to lip my friend Miele sauntered up and basically almost threw in some raw, full-fat cream. WHA? Luckily, the cream they had was expired and rather than going to her house to grab some cream, she suggested some coconut cream instead. It was delicious and she proclaimed it more nutritious.

We’ve been talking about the Paleo Diet, and the Bulletproof Diet (the self-proclaimed updated Paleo)… and it’s all about adding fat to sugars so that your body will work on breaking it down rather than spiking your blood sugar. I’m going to try it out. A little freaked about butter in my coffee, but if it helps my brain performance and body function, why not?

I’m also working on exercising my brain with Lumosity and not only is the training already working (I feel sharper, my memory is improving and I’m faster-thinking), it’s also fun, and they have compelling research to back it up.  The neuroscientists that developed this system found that the brain needs exercise, and they’ve pinpointed specific 15 minute a day workouts to help increase memory, attention and processing speed. In cahoots with the Human Cognition Project, scientists from genius bars like Harvard, Stanford & Berkeley are working on simultaneous research with the data from Lumosity results and volunteers from Lumosity who are interested in digging deeper in cognitive brain function. In a sci-fi book I’m reading, Super Sad True Love Story, the protagonist works at a company that sells life extensions, but in order to purchase, one needs to qualify with the right genes, IQ and body tone.  I’m hoping that my brain games in combination with my Nike Fuel Band and my buttered coffee will keep me fit from head to toe.